Mike Davies - Conference Speaker
If you don't stand for something then you will fall for everything

Mike Davies is conference speaker, politician, interpreter of culture and Christian campaigner whose mission is to define the benefits of Kingdom life and value within and around local community.   

In his messages he uses real life examples in his presentations by sharing his experiences as a church leader, speaker, and local politician.
He delivers uncompromising truth as he travels nationally and internationally.

Mike has been a consultant with top international accountancy firms and investment companies.  

Mike enjoys living in Okehampton (Devon, UK) with his wife, Justine, and son Joshua.  

He is the author of ‘The Generous Heart’ (ISBN 13: 978-1466366633) a book which looks at finance as explained through the Old Testament. This is available in Electronic format as well as paperback.  

He leads a monthly conference facility 'Adelphos' – which provides a monthly teaching by email followed by expansion, with questions, through the conference link.  

  • Currently the elected Councillor for Okehampton North on West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) and is Chairman of WDBC’s Audit Committee

  • A director in an insurance property surveying company and travels through the UK managing property claims

  • Is the main leader of Inspiration – Church of the Nations

  • Has been the Mayor of Okehampton twice and Deputy Mayor three times.

  • Is the Deputy Chair Political of the Central Devon Conservative Association

  • Is a member of Rotary International

  • Is a Trustee of various local and national charities

  • Financial Director of Gilead Foundations Ltd, a charity specialising in drug and alcohol rehabilitation

  • A member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship

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