Mike Davies - Conference Speaker
If you don't stand for something then you will fall for everything
Mike Davies is a conference speaker and church pastor. In his messages he uses real life examples in his presentations by sharing his experiences as a church leader, speaker, and local politician.
He delivers uncompromising truth as he travels internationally. Mike has been a consultant with top international accountancy firms and investment companies.
He now travels internationally speaking at churches, colleges, conferences, after dinners speaking, delivering challenging and thought provoking talks.
Mike enjoys living in Okehampton (Devon, UK) with his wife, Justine, and young son Joshua. As well as being a church pastor he has oversight of several other churches. He was the Mayor of Okehampton for two consecutive years (2012/13 & 2013/14) which finished in May 2014.
His book 'The Generous Heart' is now available at bookshops and online (Kindle). The Kindle version is currently available at £1.29 and can be purchased through the 'Amazon Kindle' link below.
The Generous Heart - by Mike Davies / ISBN 13: 978-1466366633

Like leads a monthly teaching through a group 'Adelphos' - some of the audio teachings are available on the Adelphos page on this website.

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